Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Grasshopper Hill Design is a studio created by freelance designer Hector Guerrero. Specializing in graphic design and illustration inspired by retro modern design, we create fresh, inventive, custom designs to meet the visual communication needs of your business. Let us help you bring your ideas to life!


Hector Guerrero

Hi, I’m Hector. My fascination for Mid-century Modern architecture, design and pop culture has grown and grown since I relocated several years ago to Phoenix, Arizona. This town really came of age in the middle of the last century, and thankfully plenty of stylistic jewels from that era are still around to inspire me artistically. What else inspires me? A good surf or rockabilly beat, a classic car show, digging into a science fiction novel, a road trip, or a scenic hike.

Why Grasshopper Hill?

One of my favorite places  is Chapultepec Park in Mexico City, whose Nahuatl name translates into “Grasshopper Hill” in English. There’s no place like a park for people — and ideas — to spring to life.


I-cone-ic Architecture

This illustration of Gunther’s Ice Cream Shop at the corner of Franklin and 3rd Avenue in Sacramento, California, accompanied the article “Modern Classics” in the December-January 2018 issue of Sactown Magazine. Perched atop this iconic Mid-Century Modern gem dating to 1949, “Juggling’ Joe” lights up the night sky in neon and invites residents and visitors …

Pixie Elves

Inspired by retro vintage knee-hugger Christmas pixie elves made in Japan and glass indent ornaments from the 1950s and ’60s, this Christmas card illustration shows Santa’s helpers making the holidays sparkle.

Flexible Design

Are you Lord of the Dance or a Warrior? King Pigeon or Half-camel? With these illustrations in my Yoga series, I wanted to depict the grace and serenity — as well as fitness and flexibility — required for various yoga poses, with a touch of retro style. Ūrdhva mukha śvānāsan, Upward Facing Dog Pose Ashwa …


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